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Street Fighter IV PC Benchmark Tool Released

As per the new Capcom tradition, there is a benchmark tool available for the PC version of Street Fighter IV. The 400MB program is an unplayable demo that showcases the game’s performance on your PC. Capcom has released this kind of demo for other recent games like Devil May Cry 4, and it has proved

Neotokyo Right About Ready

pushBAK reports, on the official Neotokyo website, that the project is “essentially done”.

Even before its release, Neotokyo already has one distinct advantage over some of its other Source mod peers: We already know that it works. While the original proof-of-concept version of the game, on the UT2k4 platform, may have lacked some content and ultimately

Max Payne 3

Guys, I don’t know how to put this nicely. I solemnly swear, The Slowdown won’t be turning into Negative Gamer any time soon, but… do forgive us, for just one post, while I try to explain this to our advantage. When Max Payne 3 was first announced, we collectively voted, in unison, to absolutely hold

A Bugged Fate

Being the bearer of bad news is never fun, but we do finally have to report that nothing has changed since Mixnmojo learned, last February, that Crackpot Entertainment had lost their publisher for the still unreleased second part of Insecticide. The website reported that Crackpot was considering distributing cutscenes from the second episode on Youtube

Breakwater Crumbling Before the Narrative Flood

Since it looks like most of us are still reeling from the potentially lethal after-effects of E3, there is thus very little new press out there right now – other than the ostensibly amaranthine recaps and bullet point lists – so I thought I would just as well direct our attention to something completely different.