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GalCiv 2 Peace Report, Day 1

Tom Francis, of PC Gamer UK magazine, has posted the first part of his latest AAR of Galactic Civilizations 2 over at CV& It is to be included in the latest magazine issue as a separate booklet, and the online blog will be updated every few days til the complete piece is up there. This

PS3 BioShock Release Date 21 October

BioShock’s release on the PS3 has finally been dated for October 21st in the US, and 24th the rest of the world.

The PS3 version of the game is being touted as an enhanced package containing features exclusive to the platform, such as a new ‘Survivor’ difficulty mode, support for the new PSN Trophies, and a

New Heavy Rain Trailer

At long last, Quantic Dream release a new trailer for their cinematic adventure title Heavy Rain. Presented at the Games Convention 2008 in Leipzig, the trailer is the first news on the game in quite a while now. A little bit of information has also been released, including the announcement that the game is to

“Parents More Concerned About Video Games than Alcohol or Pornography”

Via the “What They Play Blog”

Bruce Everiss aptly dissected the recent media hootennany (as exhibited by The Sun and The Daily Mail in the UK) with Sega’s upcoming Wii title, MadWorld, and in the progress pretty much gave us viable answers to why we gamers are so off-put by the recent results in the