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Steam Treasure Chest

Over the past two weeks, we were able to highlight three fantastic budget-sized and -priced titles available in the massive Steam holiday sale. With one final day left of the sale, there’s still hopefully just enough time to recap these reviews and perhaps help you make that final decision to grab - or pass -

Steam Treasures: Dark Void Zero

No beating about the bush: First and foremost, Other Ocean’s downloadable minigame Dark Void Zero brings your inner AVGN to the fore, the game being above all a meticulous, studious replication (compared to a revision or a reimagination) of the features that often make older games so highly resistant to enjoyment, in turn rendering the

Bionic Commando Recharmed

The new Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 characters that Capcom has been posting on their official Facebook page are adorable and really wacky:

The game itself will probably play just like the first one - not everyone’s cuppa tea and whatnot - but hey, this time around, it sports a roster full of cute chicks with big

Dark Void Zero

(Stop press! PC and mobile versions of Dark Void Zero will be made available in February!)

When I first saw the Dark Zero Void “cover art” on the left, I thought it for fan art, I really did. After all, versioning (or “demaking”… Gang Garrison, anyone?) current-gen games has been very popular as of

Resident Evil 5 PC Release Date Announced, Benchmark Tool Released

Capcom have finally announced the release date for the PC version of Resident Evil 5: September 14 in North America and September 18 in Europe. Additional features in the port of the console game include compatibility with NVIDIA’s 3D Vision technology, new costumes, and an improved mercenaries mode with “three times as many enemies”.

As expected,