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The Whispered World Demo Impressions

Note: This is Day 4 of “The Whispered World Week” at The Slowdown.

It has been a while, has it not?

Not only is this game a long six years in the coming, but we have also not been treated to a high-resolution, 100% hand-drawn point and click adventure game in aeons, as even The Biller’s painterly


Collapse is a 3rd-person apocalyptic combo-based shooter-brawler from Kiev-based Ukrainian chaps Creoteam (no, not the Croatian fellas Croteam! A one-letter difference in typing makes for 1,500km in distance) that has oddly succumbed to deafening radio silence after a bit of a media blitz in late 2008.

“In year 2013 a terrible catastrophe happened in Europe, with

Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Review

Many websites have already titled this game “arguably the most anticipated game of the summer”1: Though it easily makes top 5 twice at GameStats, it only comes close to cracking the top 20 at Eurogamer. That being said, however, Batman: Arkham Asylum could very well be the most anticipated game - not titled Call

Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Released, PC Version Delayed

A demo for Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum has been released to all platforms. The PC version of this hefty 2GB package can be grabbed here, at nVidia’s site. As with Resident Evil 5, the demo works with nVidia’s 3D Vision technology for those who have the required hardware. The playable portion is the area that

Demigod Demo Finally Available

Stardock and Gas Powered Games’ strategy/RPG hybrid Demigod was released for the PC earlier this year, but there was no way for gamers to try the game first. This has been rectified, with a 600MB demo available now to download. The demo contains four of the demigods (Regulus, Rook, Sedna and Lord Erebus), and the