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Speaking of Bats

One of the games featured at this year’s GDC was Batman: Arkham Asylum. The game was demonstrated on the show floor, and now we get a chance to see proper video footage of actual gameplay. A developer walks us through a “challenge room” attempt, showing the various ways in which you can hunt enemies in

Indiana Jones and the Stuff of Kings

One of the more disappointing title announcements in my recent memory came when LucasArts finally revealed Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings to the public - amidst heated rumours of the game having been altogether scrapped:

The fact that it still remains perfectly unclear whether the next-gen version of the game is still in

BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams

It seems the PS3 version of BioShock was blessed with more than the extra features previously known of, as determined gamers found out upon completing the game. Backing out to the main menu reveals an unlocked teaser trailer for the sequel, now revealed to be titled BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams.

Very little is shown in

New Heavy Rain Trailer

At long last, Quantic Dream release a new trailer for their cinematic adventure title Heavy Rain. Presented at the Games Convention 2008 in Leipzig, the trailer is the first news on the game in quite a while now. A little bit of information has also been released, including the announcement that the game is to