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Salivating for Salvation

We have a great affinity here for the Source engine. Now that Arkane’s The Crossing is indefinitely off everyone’s waiting list, now’s as good a time as any to bring up another project that inhabits the same register: Salvation from Black Wing Foundation.

Where the Knights Templar seize control of the French crown in The Crossing,

Neotokyo Right About Ready

pushBAK reports, on the official Neotokyo website, that the project is “essentially done”.

Even before its release, Neotokyo already has one distinct advantage over some of its other Source mod peers: We already know that it works. While the original proof-of-concept version of the game, on the UT2k4 platform, may have lacked some content and ultimately

Mass Effect 2 at E3

BioWare had a busy E3 this year, showing off Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins. Both games are being picked for best RPGs of the show awards already. The ME2 demo was aimed at introducing the newly revamped combat system, and emphasizing the darker turn the series will be taking in the sequel. Embedded

Aliens vs Predator Developer Walkthrough

British developer Rebellion finally gives us a proper look at Aliens vs Predator in a new walkthrough video at Gametrailers. The game was shown for the first time a week back during the pre-E3 episode of GametrailersTV, however it was a very brief few seconds of footage. We now get a walkthrough demonstration of Predator

Alan Wakes Up

It had been a long time since we last saw something of Alan Wake; two and half years ago we saw a tech demonstration at an Intel conference, and at the end of last year we saw a brief cinematic trailer. But over the four years that we’ve known about the game, there had been