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Borderlanders Ahoy!

With a potent New Game+ and the recent releases of The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned and Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot, Borderlands has stayed relevant despite its curiously constructed, abrupt plot arc. Andrew Vanden Bossche’s GameSetWatch column, “Design Diversions: Anatomy of a Gun,” for instance, points our attention solely to the

Slowdown Slowdown

While you have probably noticed the tell-tale signs of a steady stream of “Quote of the Day” posts (as fun as they are to post…!), I would just like to take a moment to clarify the situation somewhat: Richard, Nabeel and I have all been beyond busy lately. I’m telling you, it feels so good

The Screw PC Crew

Beyond an excellent pre-emptive counter-example in Piranha Bytes’ forthcoming, PC-first Risen (thanks Richard), this year has been a veritable desert of simultaneous, cross-platform launches - what begun in 2008 in the form of GTAIV and Mass Effect continues full steam ahead this year; for instance, over the past few weeks, we’ve learned of PC delays