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Where’s the Joy in Pad Demos?

Those with a firmer, stronger grip on their joysticks might not have even noticed this development, but personally, I would rather like to know whatever happened to old-fashioned, mouse-powered gameplay demonstrations for first-person shooters? Over the past few years, I’ve found myself increasingly irritated with various PR departments’ keen intent on demonstrating their

BioShock 2 Delayed ‘Til “Fiscal 2010”

It seems like it’s not enough that four studios are working on BioShock 2, the game will not be ready for its previously set launch date of November. Take-Two announced today that it would be moving the release of the game past quarter 4 of ’09 to “fiscal 2010”, in order to devote additional development

Dark Messiah Devs Go BioShock

Just a heads up, short but sweet yet too long for a tweet: In a shocking twist, according to Arkane Studios UK website, the company is collaborating together with 2K Marin on the development of BioShock 2 in the areas of design, animation and art.

Return to Rapture This November

A release date for BioShock 2 has been announced: October 30th for international territories and November 3rd for North America. During Take-Two’s second-quarter results call yesterday the platforms were still not confirmed, however community site Cult of Rapture lists the PC, 360 and PS3.

A plethora of previews of the game have been going up online

Behind the Scenes at 2K Marin

Gamespot visits 2K Marin for a look behind the scenes at the work being done on BioShock 2. Creative Director Jordan Thomas and Producers Allyssa Finley and Melissa Miller explain the forming of the studio and how the team collaborates with the 2K Australia team.