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BioShock 2 Podcast Series Begins

The podcast series at BioShock community site Cult of Rapture has begun again. Community Manager 2KElizabeth talks to Jordan Thomas, Creative Director at 2K Marin, and Hogarth De La Plante, Lead Environment Artist at 2K Marin as they introduce BioShock 2 to the world.

Not much new is discussed in the new episode past what we

BioShock 2 Gameplay Footage

The first gameplay footage of BioShock 2 has finally been unveiled over at Gametrailers. The two-minute video features two segments, showing two different facets of the game.

First the player wanders down a creepy hallway in pursuit of a lightning-quick Big Sister, who leads the player into an atrium lit by a huge glass wall keeping

First Gameplay Footage of BioShock 2 to Debut on GametrailersTV

Geoff Keighley of Gametrailers has given a heads-up that the next GametrailersTV episode to air this Thursday will show the first gameplay footage of BioShock 2. A promo spot for the episode is up at the site.

BioShock 2 Sans Sea of Dreams

BioShock 2 is now subtitle-less. 2K Marin is dropping the Sea of Dreams label for reasons unknown.

In other knews, Community Manager 2KElizabeth confirms that there will be no co-op multiplayer.

BioShock 2 Information Starts to Surface

The marketing campaign for BioShock 2 has started in full swing. A viral site popped up a week ago, There is Something Under the Sea, showing a world map. Static and radio chatter fill the speakers, and curious annotations on the map mark out spots around the world. Alongside each cross and date is a