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Coles, Williamses, Walls and Lowe…s

Destructoid recently hooked up with esteemed Quest for Glory developers Lori and Corey Cole for an update in response to the recent announcement of the Special Edition version of Monkey Island. The interview mostly touches upon Sierra’s past reluctance to commit to remakes - past quite an admirable amount of EGA-VGA revisions, anyhow. However, as

Batman: Arkham Asylum PC Requirements, Delays, Alternative Solutions

We thought we’d mention that the PC requirements for Batman: Arkham Asylum were underhandedly revealed unto the Eidos Games forums by an “International Man of Mystery”. If you do find yourself struggling to meet the requirements - or simply cannot bear the fact that the game has been officially postponed – then we have an

Reforged Broken Sword 1 for Wii, DS

Ubisoft has just announced a special edition version of Revolution Software’s Shadow of the Templars for Nintendo Wii and DS. According to their press release, this “Director’s Cut” comes packaged with new puzzles, a fleshed-out narrative and will take into account the unique control set of both consoles. According to Charles Cecil, the new plot

Top 5 Fan Translations of the Moment

The month of October has been a real treat for all the followers of the rom hacking scene. Not just one, or two, but a whopping three high-profile releases have come out! Here’s the rundown and a couple of special surprises.