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ScummVM/GOG.com Freebies

We’ve done lots of adventure-related coverage for the past few months, including reviews on Downfall and the Blackwell series. This time around, I would like to bring to your attention some older commercial adventure games that you can access for no price tag at all!

Firstly. Yahtzee’s Chzo Mythos special edition versions are still free. Also

Revolution Soft Go Handheld

Revolution Software have just announced they are entering the pocket gaming market. The first game released, under the “Revolution Pocket” moniker, will be Beneath a Steel Sky Remastered, on the iPhone. As was with the Broken Sword 1 Director’s Cut, the extraordinary Dave Gibbons is back on board, contributing new art to the game.


Reforged Broken Sword 1 for Wii, DS

Ubisoft has just announced a special edition version of Revolution Software’s Shadow of the Templars for Nintendo Wii and DS. According to their press release, this “Director’s Cut” comes packaged with new puzzles, a fleshed-out narrative and will take into account the unique control set of both consoles. According to Charles Cecil, the new plot