Reforged Broken Sword 1 for Wii, DS

Ubisoft has just announced a special edition version of Revolution Software’s Shadow of the Templars for Nintendo Wii and DS. According to their press release, this “Director’s Cut” comes packaged with new puzzles, a fleshed-out narrative and will take into account the unique control set of both consoles. According to Charles Cecil, the new plot elements will explain “…what happened prior to the start of the original game, and how it ties to later games in the series.”1

The full press release can be read here. For adventure gaming enthusiasts, the most intriguing bit with this new edition is all-new character portraiture by Dave Gibbons – best known for collaborating with Alan Moore on the seminal graphic novel, Watchmen – who is to us better known for collaborating with Revolution Software on Beneath a Steel Sky.

Now, the question is, should we perchance read into this renewed Cecil/Gibbons collaboration as a veiled confirmation of BASS2 (long hinted at by Cecil, and the company even registered a domain for the project back in 2004), especially since curiously just released free, repackaged versions of both BASS and Lure of the Temptress?

Though the company released both games as freeware years ago, have repackaged the games with wallpapers, a proper manual and even the comic book that originally came with Beneath a Steel Sky. It never hurts to shed more light on “good old games”, and not everyone is familiar with ScummVM either.

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