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Laggard La-Mulana Loved

Japanese indie developers Nigoro have released by far the most endearing press release of 2010 (just compare theirs to Square-Enix’s latest). On their blog, the team announced their Nicalis-published Nintendo WiiWare title, La-Mulana, will not make its scheduled 2010 released date after all thanks to Nintendo’s highly stringent requirements and testing policies. Their unique, Engrish-flavoured

Boiling Point 2 and Precursors in English

Update: GamersGate are now digitally distributing both Xenus II and Precursors!

A few months back, we lamented the fate of Russian developer Deep Shadows’ two latest projects, Xenus II (“Boiling Point 2,” or White Gold: War in Paradise, as it would have been called here) and Precursors, two very unique games that unfortunately remained

In Deep Shadows

Remember Boiling Point: Road to Hell? The ambitious, sprawling “high-maintenance” 2005 PC FPS title that in many ways beat Far Cry 2 to the punch and was, erm, sternly chastised for being released in unfinished state, but ultimately got patched up with several then-massive patches and in the process became a minor cult hit among

Top 5 Fan Translations of the Moment

The month of October has been a real treat for all the followers of the rom hacking scene. Not just one, or two, but a whopping three high-profile releases have come out! Here’s the rundown and a couple of special surprises.