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A Vampyre Story 2 Announced

Holy Chiroptera, Batman! A Vampyre Story 2 was officially announced yesterday by Autumn Moon Entertainment, with the subtitle “A Bat’s Tale”. Unsurprisingly, players now control the leading lady’s bat-friend Froderick instead.

The game’s writing team now includes “two ex-LucasArts game designers, Larry Ahren [sic] and Jesse Clark”1; Ahern was last seen working on Insecticide (our review

Wallace & Gromit Demo

Telltale Games is letting us know the Wallace & Gromit Grand Adventures demo is now (exclusively, at the time of writing) available at Yahoo and FilePlanet. After an admittedly brief play-through, as the short demo is only really designed to acquaint new players with the generic mechanics of the adventure game genre, I still found

Telltale Takes Marketing Turn, Offers Free Swag Again

I’ll be a tattletale and let you know that Telltale is at it once again, furiously handing out free copies of their products. This time around you get to choose, too, between Sam and Max: Ice Station Santa and Strong Bad Episode 4: Dangeresque 3.

The catch? Sign up to the mailing list. For once your

At the Fountain of Youth

If we were to gauge general goodwill and public appreciation with freeware indie game projects, one of the candidates for the top spot would have to be Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth. The well-liked and respected team have surprisingly managed to duck the guns of the ruthless LucasArts legal team and managed to

Reforged Broken Sword 1 for Wii, DS

Ubisoft has just announced a special edition version of Revolution Software’s Shadow of the Templars for Nintendo Wii and DS. According to their press release, this “Director’s Cut” comes packaged with new puzzles, a fleshed-out narrative and will take into account the unique control set of both consoles. According to Charles Cecil, the new plot