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Sam, Max & The Devil Makes Three

Sam & Max, season three, “The Devil’s Playhouse.” First episode, “The Penal Zone,” April 15th.

LucasArts Classic Adventure Games on Steam

LucasArts and Valve announced today a new initiative to bring classic adventure games in the LucasArts catalog to Steam. Much loved titles such as Loom, The Dig and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis will be available tomorrow on Steam.

The announcement was being teased throughout the

Mo’ Monkey Island

Lightning just struck in the form of Telltale’s all-new episodic series, Tales of Monkey Island. Now sporting a spotless track record and a tremendous presence in the adventure gaming marketplace, Telltale were able to license the franchise from the smouldering ruins of LEC. We couldn’t be happier that the new series also paves the way

Wallace & Gromit Demo

Telltale Games is letting us know the Wallace & Gromit Grand Adventures demo is now (exclusively, at the time of writing) available at Yahoo and FilePlanet. After an admittedly brief play-through, as the short demo is only really designed to acquaint new players with the generic mechanics of the adventure game genre, I still found

Telltale Takes Marketing Turn, Offers Free Swag Again

I’ll be a tattletale and let you know that Telltale is at it once again, furiously handing out free copies of their products. This time around you get to choose, too, between Sam and Max: Ice Station Santa and Strong Bad Episode 4: Dangeresque 3.

The catch? Sign up to the mailing list. For once your