Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Released, PC Version Delayed

A demo for Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum has been released to all platforms. The PC version of this hefty 2GB package can be grabbed here, at nVidia’s site. As with Resident Evil 5, the demo works with nVidia’s 3D Vision technology for those who have the required hardware. The playable portion is the area that was shown at E3 a few months back, early in the game with a few areas and enemies for players to experience the various facets of the game mechanics.


This gameplay teaser comes with slightly bitter news for PC gamers, as their version of the game has been pushed back from the previously simultaneous launch date of August 25th date to September 15th. The reason stated is the improved implementation of nVidia’s PhysX technology, which provides the physics for the game’s environments and objects. A similar situation occurred in January with the release of Mirror’s Edge on the PC, which was a few months behind the console versions1. The game is highly anticipated here at the Slowdown, so stay tuned for some impressions of the demo.

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