LucasArts Classic Adventure Games on Steam

LucasArts and Valve announced today a new initiative to bring classic adventure games in the LucasArts catalog to Steam. Much loved titles such as Loom, The Dig and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis will be available tomorrow on Steam.

the_dig_cover LOOM_Cover_Art

The announcement was being teased throughout the day yesterday on LucasArts’ twitter, and now there are a few extra facts being shared there as well. Firstly, this first batch of 10 games is “just a start”, and there will be more to come. Apparently each title has been reworked to run in Windows XP and Vista, and those that previously required SCUMMVM or DosBox to work, now won’t. They are now self-running executables that will work in modern-day video resolutions with switchable full-screen and windowed modes. The physical DRM that came with the games back in the day in the form of cardboard inserts, like the Grail Diary, will now come digitally in the package.

48962_orig secret-of-monkey-island-special-edition

In related news, the first episode of Telltale’s new five-part Tales of Monkey Island series is about to drop, with the website taking last-minute pre-orders. Later this month the special edition of Secret of Monkey Island will launch, a re-imagined makeover of the original game with high-resolution graphics and a remastered score.

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