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Natural Selection 2 Teaser

Unknown Worlds have recently put up a brand new website for the forthcoming Natural Selection 2. The previously Kotaku-exclusive teaser trailer is also viewable on the site as of today. I’ve included the trailer in YouTube format after the jump, but you can find the teaser in glorious 1280×720 on the website.

For an indie game

Zeno Clash 50% Off Today!

You can pre-purchase Zeno Clash for 50% off at this link – for one day only. The discount lasts until Friday, March 20th 20:00 GMT.

Project leader Andres Bordieu further explains the game’s price point - including the ACE Team’s relationship with dollars and euros - on their official blog. That is all! You can check

Merchants of Brooklyn Patched

Stop press!

This was to be the space for a review of Paleo Entertainment’s new game, Merchants of Brooklyn. In MOB, you play as Matteo, a cybernetically enhanced Neanderthal clone. Suffice to say, Matteo suffers a life-threatening dismemberment in combat but ends up being saved by a scientist who grafts him a new robotic arm to

Merchants of Brooklyn

While Zeno Clash might have been on the receiving end of some hefty accolades already, we shan’t forget there are others in line for a title shot at the crown of the new Dark Messiah! A trailer recently reared its head for a new challenger in the seldom-seen HTH-FPS genre, Merchants of Brooklyn (MOB for

Cryostasis/Hydrophobia Battle Boils Down

In a puerile attempt to whip up a hot cool antagonistic parallel, Slowdown observes the release of Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason draws near: The game, to be released on February 13 in the EU and North America, has been hyped as probably having “more PhysX effects than any other project coming … before