Merchants of Brooklyn Patched

Stop press!

This was to be the space for a review of Paleo Entertainment’s new game, Merchants of Brooklyn. In MOB, you play as Matteo, a cybernetically enhanced Neanderthal clone. Suffice to say, Matteo suffers a life-threatening dismemberment in combat but ends up being saved by a scientist who grafts him a new robotic arm to replace the lost one.

The problem? The game’s launch on Steam was unfortunately a miserable one, and Paleo Entertainment have now confirmed an alpha version of the game was uploaded to Steam at first: This meant the load game mechanism tended to break scripting and a degree of graphics settings were unavailable. Most importantly, however, the sound levels of the audio were such that players were completely unable to hear the game’s narration and thus follow the plot!

Go Matteo Go!

Go Matteo Go!

Luckily, Paleo Entertainment has jumped to the save instantaneously and a massive first-day patch, one that amounts to more than half the original size of the game (of 690mb), has already been released. So far, we’ve head reports that the menus have been improved (AA is now selectable), a difficulty setting has been added and the sound is now indeed correctly balanced.

When will Matteo be truly unshackled? While we wait for our patches to download and bugs to be fixed, you can read more about the game in our introductory post for the game.