New Release Date For BioShock 2: February 9 2010

2K Games has announced that the new release date for BioShock 2 is February 9, 2010. The game was originally slated for a late October/early November launch, but was pushed back to 2010. The release will now be simultaneous worldwide on all three major platforms.
Bioshock 2
The marketing campaign for BioShock 2 has slowed down somewhat since the announcement of the delay; the last new bit of media released was at the recent PAX ’09 convention, where the first footage of the multiplayer component of the game was unveiled. The multiplayer trailer, embedded after the jump, shows the frantic gameplay promised in the online skirmishes. The community site Cult of Rapture continues the coverage of the multiplayer with art and information on some of the characters that will be selectable.

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