BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams

It seems the PS3 version of BioShock was blessed with more than the extra features previously known of, as determined gamers found out upon completing the game. Backing out to the main menu reveals an unlocked teaser trailer for the sequel, now revealed to be titled BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams.

Very little is shown in the brief CG movie, which has been produced in the same style used for the X06 trailer and launch trailer for the original game. We see a little girl, presumably a Little Sister albeit apparently older than in the game, holding a small Big Daddy doll, looking out to sea. Behind her the sand shifts and undulates to rise up in towering shapes that form the buildings in the BioShock logo, which appears looking visibly worse for wear, with barnacles affixed to it. Not all is old and broken, however; a vibrant blue butterfly emerges and spreads its wings.

Obviously there isn’t much at all we will be able to take away from the teaser, all it’s been designed to is to start the buzz and all we can do is speculate. But we have some tantalizing little touches that are food for thought. The fact that the girl appears a bit older than the Little Sisters, as well as the fact that the logo is in an even worse condition that the first game’s, seems to imply that the game will be a sequel. Early rumours indicated that the game was to be a prequel, and now 2K Marin developer Charles Shechbeck throws a wrench in the works by hinting that it will be “part of a prequel and at the same time is a sequel”, whatever the hell that means. Is he saying the game will be a sequel to BioShock 1 and prequel to BioShock 3? (Update: it was a bad tip) The sand towers seems like quite a cryptic image, Rapture rising again? Rapture rising for the first time, for that matter? The butterfly was the most striking part of the trailer for me, it contrasts with everything else and brings hope to all the dreariness. And of course the most curious thing of all is the subtitle Sea of Dreams. I’m hoping it’s specifically relevant and significant to the game, and if so it is an intriguing title.

I think this is all we’re going to be getting for some time, as the game is a long away from release and it’s likely the proper marketing campaign will start closer to release. Nothing like a cryptic set of visuals to keep us speculating for months.