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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

…has, with the most recent batch of screenshots from the game, confirmed what CD Projekt RED senior producer Tomasz Gop boldly stated in a March 2010 developer preview, that The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings would be “the best-looking RPG you’ve ever seen.”1

Above, the detailed greens of the grasses contrast against the charred, smouldering red

ScummVM/GOG.com Freebies

We’ve done lots of adventure-related coverage for the past few months, including reviews on Downfall and the Blackwell series. This time around, I would like to bring to your attention some older commercial adventure games that you can access for no price tag at all!

Firstly. Yahtzee’s Chzo Mythos special edition versions are still free. Also

GOG.com Fallout Editorials

GOG.com have recently published two interesting Fallout editorials, full with commentary from original Black Isle Studios game designers: Tim Cain, Chris Taylor and Chris Avellone.

The first editorial discusses Fallout 1, and touches – among other diverse topics - on how the team ultimately settled on devising SPECIAL instead of utilizing GURPS or D&D, and how