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Body of Work: Human Revolution Trailer

Like the original Deus Ex 3 teaser trailer, the latest Deus Ex: Human Revolution teaser chooses to toy with the concepts - humanism, transhumanism, mechanistic anatomy, corporeality - that fascinated the scientists and artists of the Renaissance:

In the new trailer, the subliminal glimpses from before have now been rendered visible and brought to the fore:

Revolutionary Title, Devolutionary PR

Square Enix Ltd recently grabbed the trademark name “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” (008862153) for decidedly game-y purposes; should the forthcoming Deus Ex 3 be subtitled as such remains unconfirmed, though, but at the time of writing, that’s as close as it gets.

The company has also started an underground advertising campaign for the game – one

The End of a Decade

This year was a curious one, and I don’t mean to refer to the VG industry alone: 2009 was, after all, the first full year of The Slowdown for us three, and boy, it sure went past real fast. For various reasons, this year has also been a very trying one for each

The Nameless Mod Finally Released

The long awaited Deus Ex total conversion, Nameless Mod, has finally been released. This huge mod has been in development for years and is now available for download. Newcomers may check out the trailer or manual to get an idea of what the mod is about and why it’s causing a ripple in the community.

Square Enix Offers to Buy Eidos

Japanese giant Square Enix has made a buyout bid for Eidos, for $120 million - a 129% premium over the worth of the latter company’s stock. Eidos has been the subject of buyout rumours for some time now, with its rocky financial state over the last few years. The buyout is likely to go ahead,