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New Preview of Deus Ex 3

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about Deus Ex 3. The game seems to be covered by a shroud of mysterious information embargo; any article that appears online gets taken down almost immediately. A sharp fan at the official Eidos forums managed to find a gallery of high quality images at Gamestar where the

Deus Ex 3 Teaser Trailer

Though the Deus Ex 3 teaser trailer is old beans, for the sake of completeness in terms of our coverage, I’ve decided to upload the most relevant screen captures from the trailer to our blog.

Full screen capture gallery with 25 pictures and detailed captions after the jump!

Deus Ex 3 Exclusive Preview in PC Zone Magazine

The latest issue of UK magazine PC Zone is now out in the hands of subscribers, and as promised by the last page of the previous issue, there is an exclusive first look at Deus Ex 3. CVG posted a teaser of the article on their site, no doubt the full preview will surface there