BioShock 2 Information Starts to Surface

The marketing campaign for BioShock 2 has started in full swing. A viral site popped up a week ago, There is Something Under the Sea, showing a world map. Static and radio chatter fill the speakers, and curious annotations on the map mark out spots around the world. Alongside each cross and date is a handful of information, in the form of letters, newspaper clippings and photographs.


Each day since the site went live a new location is marked and a new set of data is revealed. Some smart fan looked into the site files and uncovered the reveal plan and all the locations, taking away a little from the anticipation. It appears that crosses spell out a pattern of locations along the coasts of Europe and America, circling the Atlantic Ocean, with a cross smack dab in the center - the location of Rapture?

As previously speculated, the start of magazine coverage seems to be on schedule for April. Game Informer gives the first tease with their cover for the upcoming issue, a major reveal in itself. We get a first look at what could be an enemy in the game, the Big Sister. Subscribers to the magazine apparently have gotten their hands on the issue already, and the internet is rife with summaries as yet uncorroborated of the 10-page article.