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These Times

Getting a proper read of where video games reportage and research stands at right now is very difficult: By and large, we’re subjected to a hybrid beast of misunderstanding and sensationalism combined with real concern and ignorance. Much emphasis, of course, is put on the social psychology of gaming – its ills, woes

Lost in Trans-Civilization

A few months back, we brandished our interest towards BWF Game’s little-known upcoming Source engine project, Salvation. Just goes to show how swift the turnover rate is in the gaming business these days: Over the course of mere months, the game has now been rebranded as Scivelation, and instead of the previously utilized

Dissecting the Casts of Valve’s Left 4 Dead Series

The last-minute visual overhaul of the original Left 4 Dead cast, revealed during EA’s 2008 E3 conference1, came mere months before the November 18 launch date for the game. The changes, though minuscule as well as practically-minded, felt like a crushing blow to some, yet wholly inconsequential to others.

Some players might have missed the debacle

Observing Left 4 Dead Relationships

Notice: Don’t forget to check out our latest update to this post, “Dissecting the Casts of Valve’s Left 4 Dead Series“

This post is a quick sneak peek into our forthcoming article that focuses on the evolution of the casts of Valve’s Left 4 Dead series. An interesting feature of the original campaign posters

Downfall Demo Review

At this point, most of you have probably had the chance to familiarize yourselves with Remigiusz Michalski’s odd-one-out horror adventure Downfall, so instead of simply laying down our impressions in anticipation of a full review, I’m jotting down my two cents on both the new and the old Downfall demo.

I’d also like to attempt to