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Telltale Takes Marketing Turn, Offers Free Swag Again

I’ll be a tattletale and let you know that Telltale is at it once again, furiously handing out free copies of their products. This time around you get to choose, too, between Sam and Max: Ice Station Santa and Strong Bad Episode 4: Dangeresque 3.

The catch? Sign up to the mailing list. For once your

Dystopia and Eternal Silence Steamworked

Hot off the Steamworks oven, Dystopia and Eternal Silence, two grade A Half-Life 2 modifications.

Dystopia is a cyberpunk-themed, team- and class-based modification that has its techno-augmented players combating and completing various objectives both in and out of cyberspace. To jack yourself up to cyberspace, hop to steam://install/17580

Eternal Silence is a large-scale science fiction space combat

Cryostasis/Hydrophobia Battle Boils Down

In a puerile attempt to whip up a hot cool antagonistic parallel, Slowdown observes the release of Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason draws near: The game, to be released on February 13 in the EU and North America, has been hyped as probably having “more PhysX effects than any other project coming … before

Free Radical Design Becomes Crytek UK

CVG reports that Free Radical Design has been renamed to Crytek UK and will be “‘integrated into Crytek’s network’”.

And here I was so sure they would rename the company to Free Crytical Design… …please don’t slap me Nabeel!

New Preview of Deus Ex 3

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about Deus Ex 3. The game seems to be covered by a shroud of mysterious information embargo; any article that appears online gets taken down almost immediately. A sharp fan at the official Eidos forums managed to find a gallery of high quality images at Gamestar where the