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(Mouse)Look At System Shock In A New Light

There aren’t very many mods for Looking Glass Studios’ classic System Shock. Apart from patches that increase the video resolution and make the package portable, fans have had to play the game almost exactly as it was on release, convoluted controls and all. That it still holds up for many people after all these years


I’ve just come across the most absolutely terrifying game concept in the long history of the gaming medium: Depth, an underwater, team- and class-based sharks versus divers multiplayer mod to be released on Epic’s Unreal Development Kit.

Okay, I admit, it’s probably just me and my fear of the final frontier: I was scared to death

Cry of Fear

From the makers of the horror crown jewel of Half-Life 1 comes a new single-player game, Cry of Fear. No, not from the industrious They Hunger developer Neil Manke of Black Widow Studios, who is unfortunately rumoured to be ill1, but the Afraid of Monsters developers “ruMpel” & co! The team very recently published a

Lights, Camera, Distr-Action!

For many FPS players, their first-ever contact with modifications came to be Counter-Strike. A great portion will have come through a game of Team Fortress; yet there also exists a group of players who were educated by Action Quake 2. “Action,” Counter-Strike author Minh Le’s second project, had considerable influence especially on the development side

Maximize Your Torment

As you might have heard, after reissuing a portion of their back catalogue digitally, Interplay also seem to be re-retailing some of their classic games. Make of that ethically what you will - especially in relation to the recent, omnipresent lawsuits - but as things stand, it seems that the earlier Planescape: Torment release date