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The Not-So Silver Lining

Fan games based on more or less commercially viable licenses have always faced the unenviable task of navigating the stormy, abbreviated seas of C&D and DMCA all the while keeping a low enough profile to avoid the aforementioned corporate shallows, at the same time maintaining a public enough face to attract necessary fan interest.

Some projects,

Ship’s Log: Reaching Vooju Late March

While The Biller’s latest pirate game, Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, has already reached the northern shores of the adventure-loving Germany, those of us who would, erm, prefer the English version will have to wait for March 26th - that’s when the game is to be published by Mamba Games.

The Cat Lady

Remigiusz Michalski’s Downfall remains by far the curiousest adventure title of yesteryear, a psycho-horror point and click that I personally spent considerable time with, trying to adequately wrap my head around its subtleties and twists. In delightful if surprising news, the Russian publisher Akella has picked up the game for release in mid-January.

After completing his

Quote of the Day: Personal Computing Magazine

By definition, an adventure is a dangerous or risky undertaking: a novel, exciting, or otherwise remarkable event or experience. On your personal computer, Adventure is that and more.

Personal Computing Magazine, February 1980

Via Warbird Games

Your Attention, Please

Some video games we lambaste for holding our hands, others we chastise for letting us wander. For developers, then, balancing the flow of progression means… a walking of the tightrope. On this topic, then, I would like to share with you two interesting articles that I have recently read.

In “Guiding the Player’s Eye”, Matthew “Gangles”