Laggard La-Mulana Loved

Japanese indie developers Nigoro have released by far the most endearing press release of 2010 (just compare theirs to Square-Enix’s latest). On their blog, the team announced their Nicalis-published Nintendo WiiWare title, La-Mulana, will not make its scheduled 2010 released date after all thanks to Nintendo’s highly stringent requirements and testing policies. Their unique, Engrish-flavoured announcement goes on to state that

We did a lot of thinking.
As a result, we come to the conclusion we abandoned to release it in 2010.
Because, it’s better to enhance the completeness instead of completing it roughly in a hurry.

We are so sorry.

We are really frustrating to our ineffectuality like being stuck at such a thing.
Above all, we are sorry for the people who are waiting LA-MULANA.
And also, we are sad to be considered that NIGORO is always late.1

Luckily for the team, Nigoro’s western fan base seems to be a highly appreciative bunch; both in the comments of the post, and on Twitter, (for instance, @TheUltraJMan tweets, “I’m sure the final product will be amazing, I’d wait years for this release if I had to! Here’s to an amazing 2011 release!”) fans have already started literally pouring in messages of encouragement! *cough* Whatever happened to all the good old-fashioned obsessive-compulsives?

In any case, if you’re seriously bummed out about the minor delay, there’s always the massively long PC original, translated by Aeon-Genesis. Plus, to make up for the delay, Nigoro also promise to release their first DLC, “Hell Sanctuary”, in conjunction with the full WiiWare game.

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