Kane & Lynch 2

#@$%! Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days was announced a while ago, so here we go:

Kane & Lynch 2 Logo

Kane & Lynch 2™: Dog Days is inspired by documentary filmmakers and the user-generated era. Every aspect of the game has been designed to deliver a fresh perspective to the words ‘intensity’ and ‘realism’ in video games.

While Kane & Lynch may have become a suitable pariah for the gaming community (check this GameBomb review out) by exemplifying underhanded press tactics and poor decision-making - something that we also briefly discussed in an early story of ours, Kaned & Lynched – the game is not without merit, and I am one to think a sequel could redeem many of the failings of the first title.

In fact, Stephen Totilo already revealed some major feature improvements over the original, including the characters’ newfound ability to crawl, as well as the very necessary inclusion of online co-op.

Back in 2007, many reviewers also sought to draw a parallel between Michael Mann’s work and the first game; to further pursue that avenue, then, I do have to mention that the Tarantino-like qualities of the new teaser trailers do lead us to question whether the series is now entering a more comedic territory.

Futility and desolation, as exhibited by the narrative of the first game, also illustrates the difficulties of bleakness in terms of establishing an ongoing franchise: It does become more and more difficult to continuously push the envelope; utilizing humour as a compromise in order to overcome this problem is not an uncommon solution.

Lastly, here is a slew of screencaps from the first two teaser trailers now available at http://www.kaneandlynch.com/: