Hitman 2, Hitman 5

In an interesting turn of events, MTV Movies Blog reports that Fox has hired Kane & Lynch screenwriter Kyle Ward to pen the next film adaptation of the Hitman game series.

Hitman MovieWhile some cried foul in conjecture to the first adaptation, I wasn’t too disappointed with it personally; In my mind, and from a gamer’s stance, it was far more faithful an adaptation than last year’s Max Payne, for example, and the cinematic approach was largely true to the source material as well.

The more crucial bit of information sprinkled within the news post, however, is that it finally confirms IO Interactive is working on a proper sequel to 2006’s Blood Money after an unfortunate digression in the form of Kane & Lynch.

Richard aptly points out that there remains some confusion as to the series’ numbering in the MTV post: Contracts, after all, hardly counts for number 3 in the series, and we were subsequently unable to decide whether we’d number the game Hitman 1v2 or 2.5; Blood Money, while obviously a clear-cut continuation in the series – including a follow-up to Contracts – is thus harder to position as number 4. Our point is that the 1-4 numbering only works if you exclude the in-game narrative and focus solely on release dates.

…then again, are there really any long-running game series with clear-cut sequels and numbering?