Salivating for Salvation

We have a great affinity here for the Source engine. Now that Arkane’s The Crossing is indefinitely off everyone’s waiting list, now’s as good a time as any to bring up another project that inhabits the same register: Salvation from Black Wing Foundation.

Salvation Narumi

Where the Knights Templar seize control of the French crown in The Crossing, in Salvation, a secret society forces its members to take part in a penal cyberspace split into two separate realms: Heaven and Hell. In the former, users are uploaded torment and pain, and in the latter, otherworldly bliss; In both, the prisoners die:

In a world of ashes, where angels are walking among people. There’s only one god, one reason… one truth. In a world of future, where heaven and hell are so real… there’s no doubt, no sin… and no escape.1

After the jump, a teaser trailer and screenshots bundled with more information on the game.

Outwardly kookiness, Half-Life 2 –inspired themes and the jagged, distinctly Ukrainian voice acting aside, as things stand, Salvation seems to be on a firm path to being –the- most controversial Source project to date, with its narrative turbocharged with Christian metaphor and a bleak, religion-oppressed dystopian setting.

Past the controversy, the developers also promise S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-like AI patterned after real SWAT and Spetznaz battle tactics: “Police fights bandits, bandits fight each other, mutants fight everyone and Resistance is trying to stay undercover”. You can visit the official website here for more details.

One thing is certain: BWF seem to know exactly how to cause a ruckus – it’s a bit of a miracle Salvation hasn’t garnered more cheap publicity so far - as they most recently worked on the gloriously cuckoo and viral-like Stalin vs Martians together with several other Ukrainian studios. While that particular project turned out to be a bit like smoke and mirrors, time will tell if the same applies to Salvation!

Be things as they may, we’re not out here to paint any studio black, and the company should be lauded, at the very least, for their educational initiative: Together with another East Ukrainian studio, N-Game Studios, BWF Game support courses at the university of Dnepropetrovsk.

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