Aliens vs Predator Developer Walkthrough

British developer Rebellion finally gives us a proper look at Aliens vs Predator in a new walkthrough video at Gametrailers. The game was shown for the first time a week back during the pre-E3 episode of GametrailersTV, however it was a very brief few seconds of footage. We now get a walkthrough demonstration of Predator gameplay, hunting the marines and aliens. Parts 1 and 2 after the jump.

I was a big fan of Rebellion’s original AvP, and to a slightly lesser extent Monolith’s AvP2, so it’s good to finally see the latest attempt in the franchise. The engine looks competent and the gameplay seems quite straightforward. What is interesting is the new jump mechanism shown - using an on-screen cursor you can target a spot some distance in front of you and you will leap to it. In lore the Predator is an agile hunter, and the previous games haven’t done that much to address that aspect other than to reduce falling damage. This little touch is a welcome addition to the regular set of gameplay elements like the view modes, suit abilities and specialised weapons. The combat looks to be by the numbers, with a refreshing amount of melee interaction. It irks me that the aliens aren’t as large and menacing as they should be, but I suppose the other Aliens game, Gearbox’ Colonial Marines, will provide that kind of portrayal - if it ever gets finished, that is.