Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island

Over at the Autumn Moon blog, Bill Tiller spilled the beans on an all-new game series called the Ghost Pirates of Vooju. The game, seemingly designed to take advantage of the current piracy boom – Tiller freely admits that a pirate-themed game “would be less risky than some of the other unusual ideas we had proposed, and would be easier to market” - is interestingly slated for release before the already publicized sequel to A Vampyre Story that we just reported on a mere few weeks ago. The estimated release date for Ghost Pirates is early 2010, while A Bat’s Tale will follow some six months later.

As far as the game’s register, ‘The Biller’ (as we affectionally call him here at The Slowdown) elaborates that he wishes to see the game enter a slightly more dramatic space not unlike “…Full Throttle or the movie The Incredibles.”

What do you make of this? Personally, I’m nothing but delighted that Tiller - who practically has the rights to computer gaming piracy anyway, having almost singlehandedly crafted the look to the beautiful Curse of Monkey Island – and indeed, in another post, Tiller outlines how he also feels “…people really liked the art I did on Curse of Monkey Island and wanted to see some more of it.”

Styles make fights, so why not games? Adventure-Treff have some hot scans and The Pumpkin Post have posted a lowdown of the game’s characters - that’s about it for now.

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