Puffs of Steam

Stuff’s up in the Steam-hood:

Killing Floor, the newest zombie game on the block, is now priced at 17,99€, and is currently selling at a pre-purchase discount of 25%. The UT2k4 version of the ex-modification is still available.

Valve’s Robin Walker admits to Shacknews that the company is “exploring … RPG-style mechanics” with Team Fortress 2.

Left 4 Dead statistics are now available on your Steam community page.

…Valve sues Sierra On-Line in 2002 for unauthorized distribution, goes to US District court with Sierra/Vivendi, and finally battling the merged Activision Blizzard/Vivendi in 2009. Sins of the Fathers, huh?

These bullet-point lists probably won’t become a habit of ours (à la GamesRadar), but it’s worth a shot, eh!