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Quote of the Day: Dwarf Fortress

“Grime accumulates on the body and can increase the likelihood of an infection. You can wash the grime away with soap. Elves do not believe in soap (due to the materials used) and will use water, but they won’t fully be able to clean themselves because of this” -Highlights from the Dwarf Fortress Talk #3

Quote of the Day: Alive and Undead

“Choose from two charismatic characters: Mr. Smith, an Elvis impersonator who has suffered the misfortune of being turned into a vampire, or Welson, a femme-fatale witch hunter. Though his unquenchable vampire bloodlust, Mr. Smith has killed his entire family.” -September 28, 2009 press release


Quote of the Day: Mata Hari

“Mata Hari makes [gamers] masters in seduction. … [PC gamers] will also perform dances on stage to earn money. … Stylized notes float in and over the screen. Players try to catch them by following the beat at the right time and place by using their mouse cursor.”1 [↩]