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Quote of the Day: Steam

Oh my, the Valve Time countdown timer hit zero and Steam got clobbered. We’ve added more kerosene, primed the engine, pulled the crank and kicked the server a few times and it looks like we can continue with the sale for another day. Thanks for your patience. –Steam News

Quote of the Day: On Brütal Legend

“Nobody had any idea what the game was. I thought it was an adventure game up until it was released; commercials made it look like a heavy metal WOW parody; the demo apparently made it seem like heavy metal Zelda; and then it turns out it’s basically heavy metal Halo Wars?” –mkozlows @ Quarter to

Quote of the Day: Martin Mystère

M: I was resting a bit, mmh I don’t get much sleep at night….
You interrupted one of my nightmares
T: Sleep depravation [sic]
You should go see a doctor!
M: I know

In other non-news, we’ve just introduced our YouTube channel at – we’re not at all certain as to what we’ll be publishing over there, but this

Quote of the Day: Age of Conan

“Ever fancied a pet hyena? Well, now you can get one. In this update we are introducing Veteran Points. You will earn these points by staying subscribed to the game, and you can use them to purchase a wide variety of special items - from breast enlargements to pet hyenas!” –Age of Conan Newsletter, Issue

Quote of the Day: Death Rally

“Multiplayer: Unfortunately one of the best aspects of Death Rally, multiplayer, is not available in this release. It was built for the modem and IPX network era, and would have needed a full rewrite. That was sadly out of the scope on what we could do with this free release.” –Death Rally freeware re-release readme