Sqr is a quirky little shooter by experimental developer Retro Anomaly. Utilizing simple but psychedelic graphics in a style reminiscent of Gunroar, the game is a nice little distraction for restless fingers - though confusing at first glance.

Sqr Sqr Sqr

The title of the game refers to the motif of square elements that comprise everything, including numbers for the odd high score screen. you control a tiny green square and are swarmed by larger pink ones in a variety of patterns. The two attacks granted to you are a steady laser and glowing orb. The first attack, activated by the z key, is controlled in the manner of a turret, with the orbiting blue square acting as the pivot. The second attack, on the x key, seems unpredictable and useless at first but with a little practice can be controlled fully (but is still useless). It’s basically fired by a sling motion - that is, hold x, move in the direction you want to fire and then let go of x.