A Bugged Fate

Being the bearer of bad news is never fun, but we do finally have to report that nothing has changed since Mixnmojo learned, last February, that Crackpot Entertainment had lost their publisher for the still unreleased second part of Insecticide. The website reported that Crackpot was considering distributing cutscenes from the second episode on Youtube “in an attempt to complete the story as best they can in lieu of the actual game”, but so far only videos from the first episode have been uploaded.

Insecticide PC Cover

Insecticide PC Cover

SouthPeak Games’ Rob Burman confirmed earlier today that Insecticide has indeed not been added to their “line-up of titles”, and Crackpot president Michael Levine did not have anything further to add to the situation (apart from a plug for Planet Cazmo). Gawrsh.

This is a very unfortunate time indeed to advertise a verbose, sibylline review for a two-part game that might never be properly concluded, but perhaps some hilarity can be found in-between the lines, especially since the review was written back when Tales of Monkey Island was still just a collective wet dream (…or a headline in someone’s secret legal papers) and LucasArts seemed to have forever abandoned their roots.

You can read the anachronism here - in the meantime, let’s keep our fingers crossed for Crackpot!