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Zeno Clash 2 Announced

Straight from the horse’s mouth, ACE Team have just revealed a post-launch Zeno Clash trailer to “celebrate the announcement of ACE Team’s next project; Zeno Clash 2”.

The sequel is to continue directly where its predecessor left off, with both Father Mother and the mysterious Golem making a return alongside an extended cast of characters. Glorious!

Arkane’s The Crossing On Hold

Arkane Software’s The Crossing is now on hold. Arkane’s Raphale Colantonio tells Joystiq, “We ran into an unexpected financial challenge some months ago and we had to put The Crossing on hold”.1 They speculate that Arkane’s crumbling partnership with EA is the reason for this indefinite delay.

According to Colantonio, Arkane is now working on two

Zeno Clash 50% Off Today!

You can pre-purchase Zeno Clash for 50% off at this link – for one day only. The discount lasts until Friday, March 20th 20:00 GMT.

Project leader Andres Bordieu further explains the game’s price point - including the ACE Team’s relationship with dollars and euros - on their official blog. That is all! You can check

Zeno Clash

This year’s standout finalist in the IGF “Excellence in Visual Art” category and ModDB’s Best Upcoming Indie game for 2008, Zeno Clash, a tiny yet potentially explosive close combat -oriented indie FPS built around the Source engine, is coming fresh off the back of a string of accolades preceding its actual release.

In the game, players

Dystopia and Eternal Silence Steamworked

Hot off the Steamworks oven, Dystopia and Eternal Silence, two grade A Half-Life 2 modifications.

Dystopia is a cyberpunk-themed, team- and class-based modification that has its techno-augmented players combating and completing various objectives both in and out of cyberspace. To jack yourself up to cyberspace, hop to steam://install/17580

Eternal Silence is a large-scale science fiction space combat