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The Blackwell Convergence Review

Dear readers, though this article focuses primarily on the 3rd instalment to Wadjet Eye Games’ “Blackwell” series, The Blackwell Convergence, we are subsequently also to publish a second, combined number on the 1st and 2nd episode. Please bear with me as we progress, in reverse order, to achieve some degree of relevancy.

Both parts will also

Yahtzee Game Special Editions Now Free

Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, of Chzo Mythos fame (although admittedly now far better known for his ramblicious Zero Punctuation series that Nabeel somehow never fails to tweet for you guys), has decided to release, for free, each and every special donation version of his games. Quoth Yahtzee, “I have simply attained so much money from

An Iterative Approach to AGS

Ben304 (author of Annie Android and Shifter’s Box) is currently doing something on his blog that warrants a mention, even if I’m not yet quite sure as to what is going on. This may turn out to be the very point of this exercise: Alienation, uncertainty, disconnection… on the outset, though, it seems as though

Downfall Review

Before reading our review of Downfall below, you could also view an alternate take on the game in the form of our interview with the game’s developer Remigiusz Michalski. The interview contains intriguing side-to-side comparisons of Michalski’s work-in-progress sketches turning into the full-fledged game.

The Davises are on a holiday road trip

Downfall Interview with Remigiusz Michalski

We recently talked to the very accessible Remigiusz Michalski about some of the more burning questions relating to his horror adventure game, Downfall. In our interview, we touch on his feelings about being an indie developer – including how Steam had shockingly outright rejected the game as unfit for their audience – and how the