BioShock 2 Gameplay Footage

The first gameplay footage of BioShock 2 has finally been unveiled over at Gametrailers. The two-minute video features two segments, showing two different facets of the game.

First the player wanders down a creepy hallway in pursuit of a lightning-quick Big Sister, who leads the player into an atrium lit by a huge glass wall keeping out the ocean. The Big Sister leaps across the face of the glass, leaving sparks in her wake, and giving you only moments to realise what’s happening before the glass shatters and the water comes flooding in. The player flails in disorientation before finding his feet, and looks on to a transformed scene held in suspension by the ocean water.

In stark contrast, the next part showcases frenetic combat. The player wields a fire plasmid-powered fist and a Big Daddy rivet gun as he fends off waves of splicers, and tries to protect a Little Sister harvesting Adam from a corpse.


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Mass Effect 2 Details Trickle Through

Mass Effect 2 was another game present at GDC ’09, and while the talk BioWare gave about it was more technical and aimed at developers, some interesting tidbits of information have come to light. The panel was titled “Iterative Level Design Process of Bioware’s Mass Effect 2”, and described the sequential stages of development that a level goes through. Fortunately we have shakey-cam footage of the demonstration, thanks to sneaky journalists. While the video shows nothing whatsoever about ME2 as far as story goes, it is a fascinating insight into how the content is developed and refined.

In addition to the panel, there was a slew of interviews covering BioWare’s current three projects, ME2, Dragon Age: Origins, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. The big point of interest is the coupling of two key facts:

Everything we’ve said before about keeping your save games, keeping the continuity of the trilogy, is absolutely true. Everything we’ve said in the teaser is absolutely true as well. What does that mean?! How can it fit? That’s a surprise.

Ray Muzyka

Hopefully by E3 we will know how exactly this can be possible. Below the jump is a recent episode of GametrailersTV that featured an interview with Project Director Casey Hudson with a some glimpses of concept art and a few words about the direction that the sequel will take.


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