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Red Dead Redemption

Earlier, I commented to Nabeel how I thought the earlier Red Dead Redemption debut trailer made the accompanying batch of screenshots redundant. I take that back.

From Unigine to Project Offset

With all this engine talk up in the air recently, Richard and I thought to sample Unigine’s demo benchmarks. You might already know Unigine from its association with Afterfall, the on-again off-again post-apocalyptic RPG – most other titles using the platform were admittedly unfamiliar to us.

In any case, while waltzing through their newest DirectX 11

Out of Hell Is, Well, Out

Halloween has become the de facto standard release date for the zombie mod, and this year turned out to be no different! Four months ago, we briefly discussed how the one-man UT2K4 total conversion, Out of Hell, had been slowly inching its way closer and closer to release for the past seven years. You can

Quote of the Day: Age of Conan

“Ever fancied a pet hyena? Well, now you can get one. In this update we are introducing Veteran Points. You will earn these points by staying subscribed to the game, and you can use them to purchase a wide variety of special items - from breast enlargements to pet hyenas!” –Age of Conan Newsletter, Issue

The Big Bad Behind The Rise Of Rapture

This week GametrailersTV brings BioShock 2 back into the spotlight, with some brand new footage of the game. In the latest episode of GTTV (embedded after the break) Geoff Keighley talks to Creative Director Jordan Thomas and scoops some heavy spoilers about the story and some of the key characters. Those who don’t want to