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Thanks to RPS for posting this great little flash gem by indie dev Adam Atomic. Canabalt is a fast-paced game featuring a free-runner speeding his way over rooftops. The only control is a single button to make him jump over various obstacles and across gaps. He progressively picks up more and more speed, so there


Sqr is a quirky little shooter by experimental developer Retro Anomaly. Utilizing simple but psychedelic graphics in a style reminiscent of Gunroar, the game is a nice little distraction for restless fingers - though confusing at first glance.

The title of the game refers

The Blackwell Convergence Review

Dear readers, though this article focuses primarily on the 3rd instalment to Wadjet Eye Games’ “Blackwell” series, The Blackwell Convergence, we are subsequently also to publish a second, combined number on the 1st and 2nd episode. Please bear with me as we progress, in reverse order, to achieve some degree of relevancy.

Both parts will also

Yahtzee Game Special Editions Now Free

Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, of Chzo Mythos fame (although admittedly now far better known for his ramblicious Zero Punctuation series that Nabeel somehow never fails to tweet for you guys), has decided to release, for free, each and every special donation version of his games. Quoth Yahtzee, “I have simply attained so much money from


I’m not a big strategy gamer, in general, but I’m fascinated by both turn-based and real-time strategy games. I like the idea of a world simulated on a macro level, in which units and vehicles and structures all interact in the tens, hundreds, thousands. So even though I don’t quite have the tactical mind required