Monthly Archives: January 2010

Gear Up For The Coming Storm In Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2‘s release is imminent. The past couple of months has seen a barrage of media in the form of screenshots and videos in the lead up to the game’s January 26 launch. It’s still early, but reviews are starting to come in and so far the game has been maintaining a 90%+ rating

The Return of the Pong Trap

…just to refresh your memory on this very relevant, ongoing issue! Via MTV Multiplayer.

Ship’s Log: Reaching Vooju Late March

While The Biller’s latest pirate game, Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, has already reached the northern shores of the adventure-loving Germany, those of us who would, erm, prefer the English version will have to wait for March 26th - that’s when the game is to be published by Mamba Games.

Rockstar Will Be Rockstar

The hot topic of the week was Rockstar’s Tiger-like, sudden fall from PR grace. The boulder started rolling downhill on the 7th, when a thick and elaborate blog entry, “Wives of Rockstar San Diego employees have collected themselves” was published at Gamasutra. The post was a call to arms by the wives of Rockstar employees

Rocketbirds: Revolution! Review

A finalist in three categories (Seumas McNally Grand Prize, Excellence in Visual Art and Excellence in Audio, with the amount of nominations shared only with Closure and Trauma) in this year’s IGF competition, Ratloop Asia’s Rocketbirds: Revolution! is looking to be the early bird that catches the worm this year.

At the end of its animated