Out of Hell Is, Well, Out

Halloween has become the de facto standard release date for the zombie mod, and this year turned out to be no different! Four months ago, we briefly discussed how the one-man UT2K4 total conversion, Out of Hell, had been slowly inching its way closer and closer to release for the past seven years. You can guess where this is heading, right - the ageless, timeless project has indeed been released! In his development blog, designer Long “Chicken+Ribs Combo” Nguyen outlines his feelings about the release:

“After 7 years of work, Out Of Hell has finally been released upon the masses! What can I say? I feel…weird!…and floaty! I always thought about this day, but now that it’s here, it feels as though I’ve been sleepwalking for the last 7 years and am now just waking up!”1

We can only imagine how Mr. Long feels about having worked on the project for so… long. One thing is for sure, however: There are few things more fulfilling than being able to assign to your project both a beginning and an end. Out of Hell, due to Long’s admirable persistence and perseverance, now has both. Not one to be discouraged by long developmental arcs, either, he has already promised to take a good look at the forthcoming reception to the game:

“If Out Of Hell does well and there is a demand for it, I will work on the official expansion. I have story (takes place right after the ending) and more game ideas (co-op mp, offline npc co-op) to expand upon the Out Of Hell universe but it’s all dependent on whether people like it.”1

For those not yet familiar with the game, here’s the official line:

Out of Hell is a single-player total conversion for Unreal Tournament 2004. It is a horror themed first-person adventure that takes place within the industrial town of Grinwood which has been overrun by a sea of blood-thirsty zombies. Players assume the role of Donovan Ling, a young police officer and possibly the last remaining human alive.

And here be a bullet point list of its features:

  • Bludgeon your way through 15+ grimy and blood-soaked maps using over 10 brutal weapons!
  • Highly detailed and atmospheric environments, creepy locales, immersive ambient sound effects and a spine-tingling soundtrack.
  • Uncover a deep and disturbing storyline as you make your way through the decimated town.
  • 100% custom created content including textures, models, animations and more!

Since Nguyen has chosen to revert back to his original plan of releasing the total conversion completely free, all that’s left to do is download the fantastic-looking UT2k4 project and give it a go. The download weighs in at 1gb.

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