Monthly Archives: October 2009

Quote of the Day: Age of Conan

“Ever fancied a pet hyena? Well, now you can get one. In this update we are introducing Veteran Points. You will earn these points by staying subscribed to the game, and you can use them to purchase a wide variety of special items - from breast enlargements to pet hyenas!” –Age of Conan Newsletter, Issue

The Big Bad Behind The Rise Of Rapture

This week GametrailersTV brings BioShock 2 back into the spotlight, with some brand new footage of the game. In the latest episode of GTTV (embedded after the break) Geoff Keighley talks to Creative Director Jordan Thomas and scoops some heavy spoilers about the story and some of the key characters. Those who don’t want to

Quote of the Day: Death Rally

“Multiplayer: Unfortunately one of the best aspects of Death Rally, multiplayer, is not available in this release. It was built for the modem and IPX network era, and would have needed a full rewrite. That was sadly out of the scope on what we could do with this free release.” –Death Rally freeware re-release readme

Shattered Horizon

“Shattered Horizon sees players fight in the aftermath of a catastrophic Moon mining accident that throws billions of tons of rocky debris into near-Earth space.”

The very aptly titled Shattered Horizon is Futuremark’s first proper foray into the gaming space. While the company has dabbled in gaming software before – including having once effectively been a

Quote of the Day: Dwarf Fortress

“Grime accumulates on the body and can increase the likelihood of an infection. You can wash the grime away with soap. Elves do not believe in soap (due to the materials used) and will use water, but they won’t fully be able to clean themselves because of this” -Highlights from the Dwarf Fortress Talk #3