Monthly Archives: September 2009

Dark Forces, Rogue Leaders and Goodwill

LucasArts recently re-released their long-running, beloved Jedi Knight series digitally on Steam to a rather ecstatic response to boot; only, a major wrench got thrown in the gears when the parties responsible failed to appropriately revise the games for the most current generation of operating systems. As a result, the three earliest releases - Dark

Quote of the Day: Alive and Undead

“Choose from two charismatic characters: Mr. Smith, an Elvis impersonator who has suffered the misfortune of being turned into a vampire, or Welson, a femme-fatale witch hunter. Though his unquenchable vampire bloodlust, Mr. Smith has killed his entire family.” -September 28, 2009 press release


Eskil Steenberg’s Love

What you see here are not watercolour paintings, but screenshots. The vibrant and beautiful images depict not static, empty scenes but living vistas soon to be inhabited by thousands of people. Love is an upcoming MMO, to feature a huge dynamically alterable world and innovative interrelated gameplay systems. It is the work of a single

The Screw PC Crew

Beyond an excellent pre-emptive counter-example in Piranha Bytes’ forthcoming, PC-first Risen (thanks Richard), this year has been a veritable desert of simultaneous, cross-platform launches - what begun in 2008 in the form of GTAIV and Mass Effect continues full steam ahead this year; for instance, over the past few weeks, we’ve learned of PC delays

Slowdown Showdown: RSS Versus Twitter

If you expected highbrow SEO analysis, you may very well be in the wrong place: I can’t say I’m nearly hip enough to discuss the pluses and minuses of each platform – instead, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you of the facilities of this blog: Firstly, our RSS feed is updated with