Concept Art From Warren Spector’s ‘Epic Mickey’ Leaked?

Web supersleuth Superannuation has uncovered some images by concept artist Fred Gambino that appear to be for a Wii game called ‘Epic Mickey’. As reported last year by Gamasutra, the title is rumoured to be the code name for the project being worked on by Warren Spector at Disney. Further investigation has surfaced additional images and details.

sea_transport goofy_zombie

Spector has been largely out of the limelight for the last few years, having formed Junction Point Studios in 2005, which worked on unannounced and unreleased games before the company was bought by Disney two years later. Since then nothing has been said about the game in production there other than that it is his dream project1.

castle_dwn_view castle_side02

The images contain many elements from Disney’s various intellectual property as well as themes not usually associated with their work, creating unprecedented combinations of iconic characters and real-life theme-park structures all with a dystopian steampunk make-over.

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